Improve the manufacturability & value of your products.


Castings, patterns, molds, & custom tooling engineered for value and quality:

  • Design for Manufacturability & Value Engineering for improved performance and costs.
  • Product Development & Optimization for quality and functional improvements.
  • Cost Reduction of complex cores & components, utilization of 3D printed technology where economical.
  • Reverse Engineering of existing products & tooling, including legacy and re-shored products.
  • Develop 3D CAD solid models from incomplete CAD data, scanned data, and 2D drawings.


Designs produced 100% complete with proper draft, parting lines, machine stock, etc.

25+ years experience designing and manufacturing complex 3D tooling:

  • vertical and horizontal sand casting patterns: Disa, Sinto, Hunter, Osborne
  • high-production core boxes: Laempe, Loramendi, Sutter, B&P, Redford, Shalco
  • aluminum permanent molds: tilt-pour, reverse-tilt, static
  • compression and lay-up molds for plastics and composites.
  • tooling projects with multi-directional draws, cores, slides, loose pieces
  • trim dies, fixtures, automation, etc.

Software:  Solidworks, Autodesk Powershape.

Direct import most CAD file formats.

Industrial CNC spindle router for prototype tooling.

Gaging inspection equipment, measurements up to 24".

Laser scanning resources available.